Kuchela Village

Kuchela today, is a complex of 8 to 9 Hamlets called Naglas. Incidentally, this complex also has a Nagla called Kuchela!! Named after one Kuchel Singh? The people living in this complex belong to various castes, communities, classes and religions. Scheduled Castes, a class of people, recognized by the government as deserving many forms of government aid’ comprise the majority. Then come the Ahirs who are a declared Backward Class of erstwhile shepherds and cattlemen, the Brahmins or the learned, the Baniya’s or the traders and finally the Thakurs, Rajputs or Kshatriyas or the warrior/ruling class. A Bhati Jadaun prince named PHOOL SAHAI SINGH, took up residence in a Nagla which was named Nagla Phool Sahai Singh, after him. This hamlet is now called Nagla Phoolsahai. One neighbouring Nagla called Bhuri, named after BHURI SINGH is the site of an ancient Hindu temple . It could easily be called the Leaning Temple of Kuchela because it is leaning to the South by almost the same number of degrees as the Leaning tower of Pisa!!! Local belief has it that this temple will not fall as long as Aarti is offered in it. So Aarti is offered in it everyday without fail.

Leaning Temple
The Leaning Temple of Kuchela

Nagla Phoolsahai is the main village hamlet. It approximately has a hundred houses. This hamlet also enjoys the presence of facilities like a college of education, a few schools, a hospital, a seed store, a veterinary hospital and a cooperative bank. It also boasts of a 400 line, Rural Telephone exchange and a Post Office which connects it to the outside world. The postal address is, Village and Post Office Kuchela, District Mainpuri (UP) and the Pin Code is 205119. The telephones can be accessed internationally by dialing 91-5672-followed by the subscriber number. Some grocery shops have proliferated over the years. A metalled road links this place to the nearest district town of Mainpuri which is approximately 15 kilometers away to the Northeast. Commuting is done by privately owned buses, jeeps and tempos. Some cellphone providers have this village covered too.

The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture and soldiering. Some people have, however, begun to explore better opportunities outside the village and district. Teaching, has somehow, also attracted the youth. They believe that it is the least taxing of all professions!! Nagla Phoolsahai is proud of a Thakur family called Chaughara, from one branch of which have emerged many senior army officers, including some Generals. This branch belongs to Thakur Gokul Singh. The remains of his vandalised tomb are still visible near the local Intermediate College.

The weather of Kuchela is typically North Indian. It is ‘extreme’, to say the least and requires fans and heaters. Many people have electric connections. Electricity is supposed to be provided for 12 hours a day followed by 12 hours at night, alternately, each week.

The main crop is wheat and rice, sown only twice a year. Some people find potato, onions and garlic, financially profitable. The nearest ‘Mandi’ or wholesale market place is at Mainpuri. The nearest railway station is Tindauli, which is 4 kilometers away; but the main one is Mainpuri. A railway line is planned to pass Kuchela, along the Karhal Road, to big-town Etawah. A bus service to Delhi has also started. The nearest airport is Agra. Kuchela is located at 78° 55′ East of Greenwich and 27° 10′ North Latitude.